Dental Implant

Our Dentists are highly experienced with dental implants

Gone are the days when a removable “plate” or denture was the only option to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth!

Dental implants are a very popular solution for replacing missing teeth and filling in larger “gaps” in the mouth. It delights Perople with the results as an implant looks extremely natural, feels just like a regular tooth and is long lasting.

With this technology ,From a single tooth implant, to a full mouth upper and lower replacement, amazing results can be achieved which means people can often throw away ugly, ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures.

It is crucial that dental implant treatment be carefully planned

Following an initial consultation with the dentist, a “3D scan” of the area is taken, to allow us to assess the thickness of bone and suitability for implant placement.

We will then sit with you to discuss exactly what your treatment will involve, how long it will take and of course, how much it will cost.

In simple cases, the implant “root” is then surgically placed into the area (whilst you are sleeping if your prefer), in a least invasive way to reduce any discomfort you might have after the procedure.

A 12 week healing period is usually required, and after this the tooth on that root can then be fitted.

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